1. The Vantare Platinum Plus

The Vantare Platinum Plus(Cost- $2.5 million)

Spacious and ultra luxurious bus.

Has a king-size beds and plasma TV.

State of the art in terms of technology.

Has liquor cabinets and gorgeous interiors.

2. Prince Sultan Bin Fahds Bus

Specially designed for the Prince.

Single-decker super luxurious bus.

Has a enormous lounge and a royal suite.

Bedroom has luxurious beds and seating options.

3. Volkner Mobil Performance Bus

Volkner Mobil Performance Bus (Cost- $1.76 million)

Has a built in garage for a car.

Has spectacular sleeping and living areas.

Has plasma TVs and entertainment units.

4. Country Coach Magna 630

The RV also has chairs, washers, dryers.

The RV is solar powered with solar panels placed on its top for continuous power.

The Country Coach Magna offers keyless entry, thanks to its touch pad.

5. Unicat Amerigo International

Unicat Amerigo International ($5,00, 000)

This is a rugged RV meant to withstand extreme conditions.

It looks like a garbage truck but actually has decent interiors.

This would be the best RV if you are going to a destination where you are unsure of the things you will have to face.

It is solar powered with a fuel tank of 2000 miles.

It has a kitchen, master suite and also a water purifier in case you get in a fix.

This is a survival truck meant for adventurous journeys.

6. 2015 Monaco dynasty 45P

Has Roadmaster Chassis and 600 HP Cummins engine.

Has a LED ceiling, lined cabinets and a centrally controlled TV.

The flooring is porcelain and has a master bedroom with wardrobes.

7. The Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King Aire ($7, 38, 645)
Class A luxury RV powered by a 600 HP Cummins ISX Turbo diesel engine.

Has a dedicated entertainment system with illuminated power shades.

Has a spacious kitchen with exquisite fittings and furnishing.

Has a beautiful living area and utilities like a washer, dryer and LED lightings.

It also has porcelain flooring, huge sofas, and a walk-in bathroom in the master bedroom.

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