Winners List

Here are the full list of winners of the previous men’s FIFA World Cups. Click on the highlighted text for more information about each host city and participating country. Are you looking for details about Russia 2018? Or the winners of the Women’s World Cup?

1. 2018 Russia


France vs Croatia the score was 4 goals of france and 2 goals of croatia

2. 2014 Brazil


Germany VS Argentina the score was 1 goals of Germany and 0 goals of Argentina

3. 2010 South Africa


Spain vs Netherlands the score was 1 goals of Spain and 0 goals of Netherlands

4.2006 Germany


Italy vs France the score was 1 goals of Italy and 1 goals of France then italy beat 5 – 3 in penalties

5. 2002 Japan S/Korea


Brazil vs Germany the score was 2 goals of Brazil and 0 goals of Germany

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